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Brooke Zimet

    I have a closet without doors and created a very vintage/lux feel by using a curtain rod and some velvet and lace curtains which I can tie like a boutique dressing room. ( I got a bit of inspiration from Dita Von Teese) I’m planning on sticking on some removable moody black background floral wallpaper inside. Pinterest has a ton of ideas. You can also choose interesting hooks to tie your curtains to the side. Ribbon at a fabric store is cheap! You can also hide dirty laundry in cool baskets. They are usually easy to find at thrift stores. I’m into the old school French style laundry canvas or cloth bins.  How big is the closet? Double doors? Is it a walk-in?  Making Laundry Glamourous is still on my idea brainstorming list. Hah!