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      I need your help! Β I’ve been living at the same house for six years and in my bedroom I have two small closets on opposite sides of the room and I have no idea how to maintain the storage because they are so small. Β I have one closet that acts as a clothes and shoe closet and the other one holds a bunch of junk and crap and since they are on different walls it’s kind of hard to pinpoint how to store things because one has shelves and one just has a bar for clothing. Β And to keep in mind, I’m not the most organized person in the world like I do not hang up my clothes all the time. Since my bed and dresser takes up pretty much my whole entire room I don’t have that much storage to store all my stuff and so my room is always cluttered and not very clean and tidy. What should I do??

      Yours truly,



      Mr. Kate

        Hi Kaeli!!

        This made me laugh, because I feel like you’re answering your own question!! There is no other, or better key to organizing a closet than getting rid of what’s not needed! It can help to set a goal for yourself to get it done in increments β€” hang a few things back up each time you’re in your room, etc.

        If the one clothing bar isn’t enough in your one closet, there are lots of inexpensive shoe racks and drawer systems you can get to add additional storage options. But I promise it’ll be much easier to figure out what you need after you get rid of the clutter! To my mind, it sounds like one closet should be clothing storage, and the other should be shoes and accessories.

        Hopefully this helps! Good luck with your closets!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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