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Jenna Rabel

    Kate – I think you’re cooler! So background on my degree, I had no background in Agriculture, but I really wanted to go to Texas A&M which is widely known for their College of Agriculture, the running joke is that we have two of every major, one within Liberal Arts, Engineering, etc. and one in the college of Ag haha.

    Anywaysss I was going to do a graphics/animation major (a lot of who go work for Pixar!), but I wasn’t really into animation. I’m more interested in flat graphic design with logos, advertisements, etc., photography and general marketing which is what I do. So I found Ag Communications! So no Ag job for me, but I was required to take a lot of Ag classes where they brought a cow and piglets into class! A lot of my friends go do marketing or social media for agricultural based companies or magazines.

    Agriculture is fascinating to learn about though!