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Denise Olivares

    Hey Everyone!
    I caught Kate’s email a while back but I’ve finally found a moment to explore the updated site!
    Well, my name is Denise and I’ve also followed the Mr.Kate blog for a few years now. I absolutely love the Little Misters group and am so glad to see so many familiar faces. Reading through some of your comments now and all your travels seem so wonderful, I’ve done some traveling in the US and Mexico where my parents are from. I just finished my first semester back in college after taking a couple of years off. It’s been a real adjustment but one I’ve been glad to make, I suppose I’m rediscovering myself at the moment. I know we Little Misters are cat lovers, my baby girl isn’t such a baby. Isis turned 16 years old last month, she’s been with our family since she was a few weeks old. She is super independent and is super spoiled. I’m currently on a big cinema kick right now, I took a couple film theory classes so I’ve just been watching old movies and a few obscure ones too. I’m always looking for suggestions 😀