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Mr. Kate

    Thanks Jenna for filling me in! I really knew nothing about Texas A&M and now I know! Excited you’re into graphic design! You should post some of your brainstorms here, I’d love to see! I have great respect for people who can do graphic design because my brain doesn’t really work well in that realm. I’m good with photo composition and writing on their own but combining them is not my forte! Sofia – hat wearing Swedish fairy in our Office Goals videos – is a great graphic designer! She does all of our banners for the jewelry and sales etc.

    Adan, I’m obsessed with candles too! Like legit, it’s a problem. And I agree with Jenna about the Volcano candle! I’ve bought more than I’d like to admit of those ; ). If you want a cheaper option with clean scents, I like the Mrs. Meyers candles that I get on Amazon in two packs – I like the lavender, geranium or lemon verbena scent. I get those for the office because they’re not as pricey as the Capri Blue. If you want a truly luxurious candle, it doesn’t get better than Diptyque ‘Baies” in my opinion

    Denise! My love! Great to see you here!!! annnnd are we soul mates? Cats and old movies? YAAAAS! I went to film school so I’ve seen my fair share of the “classics” but I also grew up watching old movies. I was just showing Joey clips of old Shirley Temple movies the other day, which I’ve seen all of them and he’d never even heard of them. My all time favorite movie is Some Like It Hot and I also love Arsenic and Old Lace – those aren’t obscure but they’re great flicks!

    Heart you all!!!

    – monsieur kate