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Denise Olivares

    Ah! I’m so glad the forum is taking off šŸ™‚ Kate, we might in fact be soulmates!! I’m on a total Film Noir – Classic Film kick right now. So anything femme fatale related is calling my name. Some Like It Hotis on my must watch list. I very nearly did one of my final papers on it but decided to go with one from Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. His most recent film The Skin I Live In is potentially one of the most interesting/disturbing things I’ve ever seen. I’ve been recommending it to everyone while giving a strong, but fair warning to read some of the warnings beforehand. Thanks for the suggestion Jenna, I’ll check it out! In terms of french cinema I also really got into Diabolique (1955, Clouzot) and Breathless (1960, Godard).