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Amantha Hons

    Hey Little Misters!

    My name is Amantha and just like Jenna, I recently graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Ag Communications! I want to work in social media/digital marketing and love graphic design and content creation as well. Unlike Jenna, I have a bit more of an ag background and was involved in a big ag based organization in high school (FFA), so that’s how I found the program, but I really fell in love with the communications industry and all the hands on experiences the degree offered.  I actually don’t plan on working specifically in agriculture either. My newest personal project is a blog and freelance design business called TeacupBlond. So far I have a website (, one blog post and one client, so def still a work in progress.

    I have done a little bit of traveling as well! Last year I did an internship abroad in London. While I was there, I got to go to Oxford, Brighton and Dover, as well as Paris and a few places in Ireland! I really loved Ireland and would love to go back some day and explore more of the island and even hop back over to Scotland and Wales. We have also done a family vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico which was really neat! I just watched Kate’s video about her trip to Cuba and am definitely adding Havana to my travel bucket list.