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Jordy Sirkin

    Hi Misters!!

    First off, I need to say I love this new forum. I tried to keep up with introductions of the FB group but it got a little difficult so I am so happy to read more about everyone. I’m super envious of the places some of you have been too. I’m hoping to go to Europe in the next year or two. Love hearing about your cinema kick Denise! I minored in Film & Media studies and am a huge film geek. My favorite movies to watch are anything scary or Disney, which is quite the odd combination. My goal was to enter the film and television world in some capacity (I worked on the film Seven Below which is on Netflix. Warning: It’s very cheesy horror) but my path in life led me elsewhere, for now. I currently live in Chicago, originally from Cincinnati, OH. I’ve been here for almost two years and work in Marketing and Advertising, which I’m now producing some small-scale photoshoots. I have two cats I’m beyond obsessed with, Winnie Binx and Buffy Lorne (you’re guaranteed my new BFF if you know where those names are from). That’s pretty much me in a nutshell!