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Lori Mann

    Hi, All!

    I’m Lori, and I’m pretty sure that I am the grandma of the group! I share a birthday with Mr. Kate, and this year, on the 4th of June, my daughter and I are taking my dad to Florida to visit Harry Potter and a couple of Disney parks, and then we are renting a car and driving to Savannah, which I am really excited about.

    My daughter and I love to travel,  and I love collecting maps of the places we’ve been and adding them to our gallery wall.  Such a cheap and easy souvenir! We have a couple other trips planned for this summer, including Seattle and British Columbia.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="286"] Part of our map wall[/caption]

    I’m also a cat fan;  we’ve got Taylor, who is six, and Frankie, who is about 9 months. Both were rescues, and we love them to death!