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Mr. Kate

    Ahhhhh hahah OMG this is too funny Thaline because Sofia and I JUST this week shot a DIY video for Pom Pom sandals JUST like these!!! Great minds think alike! I saw some for $300 and was like, duuuuh we need to DIY these! The video will be out in the next couple weeks and the technique we used was very similar to yours with the pom pom trim on the actual sandal part and some coin charms, etc. Too funny! You did SUCH an amazing job! Like seriously they look so pro girl! I really like the color combo and charms you used!

    I love love LOOOVE you for posting these and for #whynot – ing your way to a fantastic summer pair of shoes. Props to you girl! And hi to Belgium! I want to go there one day!

    Much love and happy summer to you and everyone on this thread! I’ll update this thread with the link to our pom pom sandals when they come out.

    xoxoxoxooxoxooo POM POMMSSSSS