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    Congratulations, he is such a cutie! I adopted a puppy for my brother in April so I’ve been on the hunt for pet DIY projects as well. Pinterest is definitely your friend.. So far these have come in handy:

    T-shirt toy

    Water bottle toy (she loves this more than her entire basket of toys..go figure lol)

    I don’t have the links at hand for bed ideas but if you search “suitcase dog bed” or “drawer dog bed” on pinterest they have some REALLY cute ideas for those!

    Also, I just made her a collar last night and it was way easier than I expected.  We were really disappointed in dog collar selections and wanted one that suits both of them and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  I used this and also searched tutorials on youtube. All you need is nylon webbing and fabric or ribbon and the possibilities are endless!

    Dog collar

    Here’s Mia Beagle Wallace in her new collar 🙂