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    Melissa Darling

      Hey Mr. Kate and Little Misters! so my boyfriend and i just adopted the sweeeetest dog! His name is Buddy, he’s a 2 year old white havanese! I love DIYing and would love some cute ideas to do for Buddy! Doghouse? Collars? Clothes? I spoil him already so what better way to spoil him than to DIY some wonderful things for him?!




      Brittany Smith

        Have you seen the adorable vintage suitcase dog beds? If not, do a quick search on Pinterest! They are adorable, especially with some interesting feet added to elevate it a bit.


        Stephanie Call

          I just recently made these two shirts for my dog Lucky! He lives at my parents so I can’t model them on him yet but they were soooo easy! I went to Walmart and picked out a couple tanks from the little boys section that I liked. Then you just measure your doggy around the chest, pinch the shirt in the appropriate amount and just do a straight stitch down. Just make sure to cut a little out at the bottom for his pee pee. (I’m waiting to try it on him before I do that part) I don’t have a machine right now so I just did them by hand. Also make sure to use what would be the front for a person as the back for the dog. For some reason it fits better with the arm holes. Also graphics like that cool skull usually go in front but you want it visible on your dog so it’s better as the back. Best part was the shirts were like $3 each! And these are so much cuter than anything I could go out and buy and specifically tailored to my taste!



            Congratulations, he is such a cutie! I adopted a puppy for my brother in April so I’ve been on the hunt for pet DIY projects as well. Pinterest is definitely your friend.. So far these have come in handy:

            T-shirt toy
            Water bottle toy (she loves this more than her entire basket of toys..go figure lol)

            I don’t have the links at hand for bed ideas but if you search “suitcase dog bed” or “drawer dog bed” on pinterest they have some REALLY cute ideas for those!

            Also, I just made her a collar last night and it was way easier than I expected.  We were really disappointed in dog collar selections and wanted one that suits both of them and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  I used this and also searched tutorials on youtube. All you need is nylon webbing and fabric or ribbon and the possibilities are endless!

            Dog collar

            Here’s Mia Beagle Wallace in her new collar 🙂


            Melissa Darling

              omg these are all such great ideas!! AND THOSE DOGS ARE SO CUUUUTE! thank you all for the input!! i really want to try the diy collar, there’s not a lot of great selections for collars in my area either!


              Mr. Kate

                Hey Melissa! And Hey Buddy!!

                If you watch my Snapchat ever, you know that I have a great big soft spot for fluffy white pets. If you don’t watch my snapchat, add me (mrkate) and you’ll see *exactly* the little fluffballs I’m talking about.

                Onto DIYs!! I made a furry water bottle toy for dogs a little while back, and it’s a great option for some playtime!!

                If you’re looking to make something for Buddy to wear, I am in love with these embroidered bandanas!

                You can use the DIY Embroidery technique from this tie tutorial to make the letters! It would be so cute on a chambray with bright colorful letters!

                I hope this is inspiring or helpful! Much love to you and Buddy!


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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