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Mr. Kate

Hey Janice!!

I have so much planned for this summer!

Here’s the “short”list:

  • Get our bathroom redone once and for all
  • Do more spaces for OMG We’re Coming Over
  • Read historical fiction books on a hammock somewhere, because I’ve been obsessssssed with Black Sails (a historical fiction pirate TV show) and Vikings (self explanatory 😉 ) Do you guys have any recommendations?
  • Go to Tuscany and stay in a villa and roam the vineyards (probably won’t happen, but I can dream)
  • Finish reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and actually follow her instructions to clean out my closet and tidy my LIFE!
  • Finish the office decorating and organizing so it’s beeeeaaaaautiful
  • See Hamilton
  • Ride the new LA Expo line from downtown to the beach
  • Work out and become a body builder

(JK on that last part of that last part!!)

What about everyone else?!

XOXO, Kate