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Janice Nyam


Wow! I envy your list 😍, stealing some of them btw 😉

i can’t wait for more OMG WE’RE COMING OVER’s! Can we recommend some youtubers ????

Oh and I have the medicine for your historioporosis (lack of historical fiction) ! OUTLANDER is what you’ve been craving! It’s a book turned TV show. So feel free to start with what feels right in the moment 🤗 I’m kind of known on the streets as the TV therapist! Trust me, OUTLANDER is the cure! It’s on the starz channel.

I watched the first episode of Vikings and enjoyed it very much. I just never got around to continue the show. But now, it on my summer watchlist! 😽 I’ll give Black sails a shot as well!!

I’m currently watching WAYWARD PINES S1 and the 8th episode gave me the oh damn chills and I can’t wait to jump back in! Also, CONTAINMENT is my favorite show at the moment! This weeks episode was the most entertaining , suspenseful, scary, emotional episode I’ve seen in a while!! So sad it wasn’t renewed for a second season 🙁

You should so sell some of your stuff on poshmark!

So glad that you now have your own studio! I almost cried when I found out! We’ve come so far and it’s so cool that we get to experience it with you!

See Hamilton? I wish I would sell my limbs for a ticket. Are you in the market for some ? 😳😳😳😳  But I hope you find tickets!

My number one thing on my summer bucket list is to

1. Establish and keep growing my photography business & YouTube channel!

I’m positive you’ll accomplish all the things in your list and even more!

#splendidjanie 🙂