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Brittany Celeste

    “I’m a Hot Hair Mess”

    I was born with such tight curls that it almost appeared as an Afro as a kid.  Until one day I had the genius idea into talking my grandma into getting me a haircut, Dora inspired. Once the hair was cut my poor curls fell. And because I didn’t like how it looked with the frizziness I started to straighten my hair EVERYDAY. Until high school, when I was lectured by a hair stylist and said hell with to it. I let my hair be. Did not straighten it whatsoever. I got a few weird looks but couldn’t care less because I got a good 30 minutes more of sleep in the mornings. And one day my bed hair attracted my now long term boyfriend. If you ask him to this day what he first noticed about me was my hair. My hair is apart of me and says a lot about my personality. I could not give two shits what people think about me as long as I’m happy. It is the best to attract real friends by being yourself and who accept you and your crazy hair that is now returning to its original state, slowly but surely. Love you Kate!