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    Mr. Kate

      Alright Little Misters!

      In honor of A Hot Glue Gun Mess‘ birthday coming up, I want to know: What kind of a hot mess are you?

      Fill out the prompt “I’m a _____ Mess!” and give a story from your weird, wonderful, exciting life or an experience that made you learn something about yourself or life in general.

      Can’t wait to read all your great posts! Anything goes! You can get inspired by stories from A Hot Glue Gun Mess or whatever!


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      Brittany Celeste

        “I’m a Hot Hair Mess”

        I was born with such tight curls that it almost appeared as an Afro as a kid.  Until one day I had the genius idea into talking my grandma into getting me a haircut, Dora inspired. Once the hair was cut my poor curls fell. And because I didn’t like how it looked with the frizziness I started to straighten my hair EVERYDAY. Until high school, when I was lectured by a hair stylist and said hell with to it. I let my hair be. Did not straighten it whatsoever. I got a few weird looks but couldn’t care less because I got a good 30 minutes more of sleep in the mornings. And one day my bed hair attracted my now long term boyfriend. If you ask him to this day what he first noticed about me was my hair. My hair is apart of me and says a lot about my personality. I could not give two shits what people think about me as long as I’m happy. It is the best to attract real friends by being yourself and who accept you and your crazy hair that is now returning to its original state, slowly but surely. Love you Kate!



          So, here I am… A Dutch seventeen-year-old girl doing her best applying her English learning skills. Finally writing something on the forum, because now I simply know what to write. I’m introducing myself as a…

          “I’m A Hot Needle & Thread Mess”

          As you might know (LM Facebook page), I like design and sewing clothes. It all begun by the age of 12 when I started taking lessons from my aunt, making my first leather skater skirt. Therefore I didn’t know there was something like a ‘fashion designer’ (I already assumed becoming an hairdresser, something almost all girls from our village were dreaming off). A couple years later I decided to contact a local sewing teacher and there I developed my sewing skills. After a year she saw my passion for fashion and designing, so she recommended me to take a course called “Costumiere”, that’s what I do right now. There I learn drawing my own patterns, so I can make my really own clothes. I label them with my own name and for now I’m just making clothes for my friends and family. I love applying handwork to my designs, that’s why I choose ‘Needle & Thread’ instead of ‘Sewing’. Now I’m in my last year of Higher Secondary General Education, in fact I hear this Thursday (June 16) if I passed my exams! If so, I’m taking a gap year so I can work on my portfolio and start a Bachelor at Fashion Design. I’m so excited!!!!!

          This whole Mr.Kate thing has helped me so much in my creative process the past years, so a huge THANK YOU to you all. And especially Kate and her team, with all their creative ideas. I finished AHGGM last Summer in an eye wink, I was so happy I was able to preorder my book through my local bookstore! And I wish they could order some jewelry and BeautyMarks as well, but unfortunately that’s not an option haha. Because in Europe we have the euro, I can’t order online by myself, but I’m already so happy that I have AHGGM and can communicate through social media and can read/see everything on the Mr.Kate blog/youtube channel!

          Best wishes,

          Marisca Goosen

          PS: I feel like I have written a whole story ;P




            Oh no I forgot the best part…

            In September 2015 I participated on our local Designer Contest where I won the first price! Here are some pictures, for who is interested!

            [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="148"]Designer Contest '15 The detail on the back.[/caption]

            [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="285"]Designer Contest'15 My little sister (as my model) is walking in the front and I walk behind her.[/caption]




              I’m a Hot Glue Gun Mess, actually. 😁

              I’m a crafty person. I make everything I can. For my nephew’s first birthday we went all out with a patriotic theme. We were making paper folded prize ribbons until all hours of the morning. I am always the glue gun girl. I was the last to assemble them. I hadn’t noticed that the glue was oozing out of the glue gun. When I was putting one together the pieces came apart and hot glue went every where including my hands. My boy friend of 3 months rushed me to the ER. The ER was concerned there was domestic abuse going on. Apparently hot glue gun injuries at 2am are rare. I had 3rd degree burns and had to take a week off work and crafting. I looked like a mummy.  Now my family won’t let me use a glue gun.


              Erin Mavity

                I’m a hot hospital mess!!

                I’m writing this from my hospital bed on my mobile phone (because hospitals here don’t have WiFi! Wtf!) with my 6th thrombotic episode and my 5th episode of pulmonary emboli. For this all happening is the space of 5 years and being only 24, it’s a pretty mean feat!

                Up until I was 19 I was a fully functioning, relatively well person. I was never the fittest, but enjoyed going on long walks listening to my music. So when I sprained my foot (I had a mini blackout as I was getting off a bus), it was a pretty big blow. I was able to mobilise using a crutch as a walking stick and my foot was almost completely healed in about 2 weeks. Then my leg started hurting… It was swollen, purple, SOOOO painful and would dent with even slight pressure. I saw my doctor several times and he said that it was muscle strain, keep walking on it and take anti-inflammatories. This went on for about a month, I was getting increasingly ill, my leg was double the size of my other and I was barely able to walk a few feet without throwing up from pain. I decided I needed to go to hospital, I did so and had a scan that showed I had a DVT from my ankle to my groin that followed the full length of my leg. I was admitted and put on anticoagulant medications.


                It was then discovered that I had Antiphospholipid Syndrome. APS is an autoimmune disorder that causes the blood to be ‘sticky’. This also means that it causes blood clots, but as it is a systemic disease, these clots are able to form anywhere in the body. We finally had an explanation as to why I ended up with this DVT and knew that I would need to be put on life long anticoagulant meds to prevent further events.


                This is where it gets messy haha. For some reason, I don’t respond to these medications properly. It will appear I am and blood tests will show that the medication levels in my blood are therapeutic, but I still end up with blood clots. I have an absolutely wonderful haematologist and the respiratory doctor I get admitted under is great too, I’m just a complex case, conundrum, medical mystery (as I’m lovingly referred to by my doctors 😝).


                Being chronically ill isn’t very fun, it’s taken a lot of adjusting to and I doubt I will ever be used to it as things keep changing. I’m unable to do many things that I used to, even when it comes to every day tasks like changing sheets. It’s also taken a massive toll on my mental health. But this hasn’t dulled my creative spark, nor will I let it!


                I’ve learnt how to crochet via YouTube and successfully made a cardigan for my friends bubba as my first project. I managed to sew for the first time using a pattern and made pyjamas. My next sewing project is going to be a velvet dress. And I discovered Mr. Kate! Watching your videos and snaps has been inspiring, pants wetting hilarious and a bright light on days that have felt much too difficult.


                The past few years have been unbelievably tough, but I’ve found a strength I never knew I possessed. So despite being a hot hospital mess at the moment, I’m already thinking about all the things I want to do when I get out. I don’t know if my body will let me do them all, but I’ll give it a good go!



                  It changes constantly because I find that I get passionate about many things. Right now, I’m a hot paper mess. I just started picking up papercrafts as a hobby recently as a way to get creative in my tiny studio apartment where I don’t really have space to do larger format art or DIY projects. With oragami or other paper art you don’t need  ton of space and clean up is always a breeze which is important in tiny apartment. It’s given me sanity when I have been stressed about moving into a new place and making it feel homey.



                    I’m a hot crazy mess!

                    Years and years ago I was having counselling because I was going through some really crappy stuff. The amazingly creative lady who treated me suggested writing down some of my issues in the form of fiction as a way of coping and sorting out how I felt. I instantly fell in love with creating characters and pushing all of my negative energy into weird and wonderful characters.

                    Now I’m studying on the best creative writing course in England! I’m still technically crazy and I still have bad days- but who doesn’t?? My creativity taught me how to deal with some of the worst times and taught me to be proud of what my experiences have made me capable of.

                    I’m currently trying to branch out into other forms of creativity, like DIY decor and new tattoos! Mr Kate helps keep me weird and crazy in a good way. I never get through a video without laughing and that’s pretty fab.


                    xoxo MJ


                    Brooke Clarke

                      I’m a Party Mess – but not the way that you might first think.

                      I’ve come to acknowledge that celebrations and the act of entertaining is very important to me. As early as age 9 creating the perfect ‘attendee experience’ that reflected the spirit of the theme or guest of honour was extremely important. This meant (much to my mother’s dismay) that generic $2 party decorations would not cut it, and would be exchanged for an array of materials that I would DIY with.

                      Some of my most memorable event designs include

                      –          Soldering a wire frame to make a cactus piñata, which funnily enough took a group of burly dudes about 15 minutes to bust open

                      –          Hand sewing napkins for a Christmas dinner my class had to prepare for the school’s head

                      –          Glue gunning 89 tissue paper flowers for my own 21st birthday

                      –          Using hula hoops to create hanging floral installations

                      –          Jigsaw cutting a wooden team sign for a 24-hour cancer fundraising event, then outfitting it with light so it shone as they marathoned into the night

                      In some (read most) instances I was using the opportunity to explore creative processes for the first time, which is a recurring faux pas as I inevitably end up in a heaped party mess when I realize I still have far too many things to finish. But I can’t help it, as each new event presents boundless inspiration and possibilities I just get giddy with excitement and want to push myself.

                      It was actually this self-discovery in 2014, (shortly after the paper flower fiasco) that led to the acknowledgement that I wanted a career in events, and nearly two years later I’m proud to say that I’ve completed studies in, and produced 3 events including a non for profit Christmas lunch for the less fortunate, creative workshops like embroidery and have been contracted to produce wedding florals. I’m in the process of opening my own event agency specialising in creative and nostalgic solutions, and have just been recruited as a Deputy Editor for an online wedding and event publication where I have the opportunity to style event editorials to my heart’s content.

                      I’m so grateful that believing in my creative endeavours has led to these amazing career challenges and possibilities. Finding Mr.Kate online (very recently) has also been a blessing in disguise, reminding me that fitting in isn’t the key to success and living authentically is. So thank you.


                      Brittany Smith

                        I was planning to log in today and write about how I’m a flea market mess, or a Re-purposing mess, but my heart isn’t in it. So here goes…

                        Today I’m a disheartened mess.

                        Does anyone else find it so difficult to remain hopeful and happy when the world is so full of hatred and violence? The Pulse shooting has brought about so many arguments on my Facebook feed, so much homophobia, islamaphobia, and just plain nastiness. I know none of the victims. I have no close relations who identify with the LBGTQ community, but I can’t stop crying. This has a severe impact on my world. My future children’s world. I wish everyone were more understanding and loving. I’m doing my best to spend my birthday (today) being happy and grateful for the things I’m lucky enough to have but it is hard when i remember the 49 people who will never celebrate another birthday – and all because they spent a night out celebrating who they are and being proud and free. I’m making a point to look for the good people – those posting message to social media in solidarity, voting to uphold the rights of the LBGTQ community, and donating blood or money to support the victims. Look for the good ones! Sometimes it seems like they are outnumbered, but they are out there! Love to you all <3


                        Tiphaine M.

                          I’m a hot french cat mess.

                          I know that might sound weird but that’s the truth. So the “french” is obviously because I am french and so proud. I love France, I think that’s a lovely country. Paris is such a beautiful city, and I wish I could visit it even more. So yeah I do love my country so much.

                          Second of all, cat. Oh my god, cats. Cats are litteraly my passion. It started really early, I don’t remember my house without a cat because I always owned one. My first cat was with me for 20 years, this is insane ! I’m really crazy about them. They are just the cutest things on this planet. They keep you warm in the winter, they make you smile when you’re feeling down, they welcome you each time you come home, they make you laugh when they play with you. I could talk about them for hours, I could find lots and lots of benefits about having a cat, but I’m gonna stop here, because well, I don’t want that to be too long.

                          And before I actually post this message, I wanted to leave a little something for you Kate. You are such an amazing personn. I love your videos, your projects, your smile, your happiness, your simplicity, … You inspire me to create and you inspire many others and I think that’s such a beautiful thing. Thank you for this amazing giveaway, love you xoxo


                          Thaline Briers

                            I’m a cat hair-covered mess!!

                            Yup, does it need any explanation? If you have cats, you know the problem.

                            Ever looked at a cat and thought ‘wow, they have such beautiful and soft fur.’? I did! But where does these hairs go when they fall out. Well, they go on your clothes, your shoes, your schoolbooks, your phone, your laptop, your mouth (yup…) literally everywhere.

                            I can’t wear any black/dark or fancy clothes inside the house without getting cat hairs on in. First of all, I have to postpone my getting-ready to the last minute, then when I am ready, I do a last check-up in front of a mirror and what do I see… I’ve turned into a cat, covered in cat hair. I’m like some sort of magnet to it.
                            I’ve got a pair of black velvet boots. I learned that I can’t let my cats near any velvet fabric, if I do, my boots turn into those furry ‘moonboots’.
                            How many times I opened a schoolbook in class and discovered cat hairs in it? I lost count. It’s like they do it on purpose, maybe it’s a way of telling me to not forget about them when I’m in school.
                            Also inside my phonecase, a little furry bed for my phone, and the keyboard of my laptop has really soft keys because of them.

                            But I love my cats and I don’t mind getting covered. I’m more than happy if they sleep in my lap or give me a hairy head-bump.

                            So basically I will always have at least one cat hair on me. But hey, cat hairs are the new black.



                            Jordy Sirkin

                              I’m a Hot Junior Producer Mess.

                              I recently begun transitioning out of my boring receptionist job to a junior producer role for our photo studio. I’ve been given a lot of trust in developing different photoshoot ideas just for fun so we can share over social media and to clients. On my first day I was a Jane of all trades. Food stylist, photo assistant, hand model, you name it! For our first shot we did a crazy mixer explosion so I had to craft this gorgeous couture trash bag gown to protect me from the elements. There was also a fancy plastic bag hair piece but we didn’t think people could handle that much glamour in one photo, so I kept it off.

                              We did an awesome 4th of July photo for next month where I got to practice my Zoolander hand-modeling skills and hold two melting firecracker popsicles. I love being creative and this is finally giving me the opportunity to do that and come up with my own wacky ideas.


                              Brittany Hodnett

                                I’m a hot DIY mess!

                                So I have closet/storage where unfinished DIYs go to die. I am notorious for not finishing them. But I do have some I did finish at least lol. So one time my boyfriend told me to clean out the closet (I can’t throw them away I mean what if I do end up finishing them?) but instead I decided to organize it. Well long story short the closet decided to dump everything on me and my boyfriend had to dig me out lol. All that happened to me was a bruised ego. Now I don’t start a project unless I know I can finish it.

                                Also one time I was making a banner with ribbons and streamers. Somehow I ended up hot glueing  a wide white ribbon to my shoe without me knowing about it. After I was finished I ran errands. Two hours later I meet up with the boyfriend and he tells me about my ribbon. It looked like I had toilet paper on my show. So embarrassing lol.


                                Hayley Connor

                                  I’m a Hot Southern Mess living in the Mid-West.

                                  There are like 20 things I could insert here in “I’m a Hot ____ Mess” like I’m a Hot Lip Gloss Wearing Mess, I’m a Hot Crazy Dog Lady Mess, I’m a Hot Producer Mess, I’m a Hot DIY Mess, I’m a Hot Bad Speller Mess, honestly I could go on and on (but I won’t).

                                  So I’m Hayley, and I picked I’m a Hot Southern Mess Living in the Mid-West, because that is what my life is day to day. I am originally from Georgia but I relocated a year ago to Missouri for a job. I graduated from Georgia Southern last May and moved to Missouri to be a News Producer in August (Hot Producer Mess).

                                  I have a dog named Beau (follow him on INSTA: Beau_TheYorkie #badtotheBeau) and he is also a Hot Mess and Spoiled Rotten! He is 1-years-old and freakin’ crazy, he loves to run around and jump on things but his top three favorite things to do 1. Walk on the Kitchen Table 2. Play fetch with squeky toys (he is one fierce squeker) 3. Bark at me just because he’s bored, or I’m on the phone, or not paying attention to him (Hot Crazy Dog Lady Mess).

                                  Beau at Christmas

                                  My new obsession, which I can’t afford, is all things Lip Gloss, Lip Stick, and Lip Mattes (Hot Lip Gloss Wearing Mess). I just bought 3 of the Kylie Jenner Lip Mattes/Glosses, and I am currently patiently (ok impatiently) waiting for a shipment of 5 Colour Pop Lip Mattes! I’m so excited!!!!

                                  Like Brittany said above I also have a closet wear unfinished DIYs go to die (Hot DIY Mess). I am currently working on and jewels to the knees of a pair of jeans like Kate did in the Jeans 3 ways video. I have been wanting to do this project since the video came out which was a while ago. I even bought all the supplies and I just started it this weekend. Almost done. I just have to finish the sewing part, which it has been a long time since I have sown anything so it it taking a minute. But I have motivation I am trying to finish them by Friday so I can wear them to work for Casual Friday. Trying Jazz up the workplace one bedazzled outfit at at time!

                                  And finally Hot Bad Speller Mess. You would be able to tell this if spell check wasn’t a thing. So thanks spell check! You Rock! Don’t Ever Change!


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