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    I’m a hot crazy mess!

    Years and years ago I was having counselling because I was going through some really crappy stuff. The amazingly creative lady who treated me suggested writing down some of my issues in the form of fiction as a way of coping and sorting out how I felt. I instantly fell in love with creating characters and pushing all of my negative energy into weird and wonderful characters.

    Now I’m studying on the best creative writing course in England! I’m still technically crazy and I still have bad days- but who doesn’t?? My creativity taught me how to deal with some of the worst times and taught me to be proud of what my experiences have made me capable of.

    I’m currently trying to branch out into other forms of creativity, like DIY decor and new tattoos! Mr Kate helps keep me weird and crazy in a good way. I never get through a video without laughing and that’s pretty fab.


    xoxo MJ