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Brooke Clarke

    I’m a Party Mess – but not the way that you might first think.

    I’ve come to acknowledge that celebrations and the act of entertaining is very important to me. As early as age 9 creating the perfect ‘attendee experience’ that reflected the spirit of the theme or guest of honour was extremely important. This meant (much to my mother’s dismay) that generic $2 party decorations would not cut it, and would be exchanged for an array of materials that I would DIY with.

    Some of my most memorable event designs include

    –          Soldering a wire frame to make a cactus piñata, which funnily enough took a group of burly dudes about 15 minutes to bust open

    –          Hand sewing napkins for a Christmas dinner my class had to prepare for the school’s head

    –          Glue gunning 89 tissue paper flowers for my own 21st birthday

    –          Using hula hoops to create hanging floral installations

    –          Jigsaw cutting a wooden team sign for a 24-hour cancer fundraising event, then outfitting it with light so it shone as they marathoned into the night

    In some (read most) instances I was using the opportunity to explore creative processes for the first time, which is a recurring faux pas as I inevitably end up in a heaped party mess when I realize I still have far too many things to finish. But I can’t help it, as each new event presents boundless inspiration and possibilities I just get giddy with excitement and want to push myself.

    It was actually this self-discovery in 2014, (shortly after the paper flower fiasco) that led to the acknowledgement that I wanted a career in events, and nearly two years later I’m proud to say that I’ve completed studies in, and produced 3 events including a non for profit Christmas lunch for the less fortunate, creative workshops like embroidery and have been contracted to produce wedding florals. I’m in the process of opening my own event agency specialising in creative and nostalgic solutions, and have just been recruited as a Deputy Editor for an online wedding and event publication where I have the opportunity to style event editorials to my heart’s content.

    I’m so grateful that believing in my creative endeavours has led to these amazing career challenges and possibilities. Finding Mr.Kate online (very recently) has also been a blessing in disguise, reminding me that fitting in isn’t the key to success and living authentically is. So thank you.