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Jordy Sirkin

    I’m a Hot Junior Producer Mess.

    I recently begun transitioning out of my boring receptionist job to a junior producer role for our photo studio. I’ve been given a lot of trust in developing different photoshoot ideas just for fun so we can share over social media and to clients. On my first day I was a Jane of all trades. Food stylist, photo assistant, hand model, you name it! For our first shot we did a crazy mixer explosion so I had to craft this gorgeous couture trash bag gown to protect me from the elements. There was also a fancy plastic bag hair piece but we didn’t think people could handle that much glamour in one photo, so I kept it off.

    We did an awesome 4th of July photo for next month where I got to practice my Zoolander hand-modeling skills and hold two melting firecracker popsicles. I love being creative and this is finally giving me the opportunity to do that and come up with my own wacky ideas.