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Hayley Connor

    I’m a Hot Southern Mess living in the Mid-West.

    There are like 20 things I could insert here in “I’m a Hot ____ Mess” like I’m a Hot Lip Gloss Wearing Mess, I’m a Hot Crazy Dog Lady Mess, I’m a Hot Producer Mess, I’m a Hot DIY Mess, I’m a Hot Bad Speller Mess, honestly I could go on and on (but I won’t).

    So I’m Hayley, and I picked I’m a Hot Southern Mess Living in the Mid-West, because that is what my life is day to day. I am originally from Georgia but I relocated a year ago to Missouri for a job. I graduated from Georgia Southern last May and moved to Missouri to be a News Producer in August (Hot Producer Mess).

    I have a dog named Beau (follow him on INSTA: Beau_TheYorkie #badtotheBeau) and he is also a Hot Mess and Spoiled Rotten! He is 1-years-old and freakin’ crazy, he loves to run around and jump on things but his top three favorite things to do 1. Walk on the Kitchen Table 2. Play fetch with squeky toys (he is one fierce squeker) 3. Bark at me just because he’s bored, or I’m on the phone, or not paying attention to him (Hot Crazy Dog Lady Mess).

    Beau at Christmas

    My new obsession, which I can’t afford, is all things Lip Gloss, Lip Stick, and Lip Mattes (Hot Lip Gloss Wearing Mess). I just bought 3 of the Kylie Jenner Lip Mattes/Glosses, and I am currently patiently (ok impatiently) waiting for a shipment of 5 Colour Pop Lip Mattes! I’m so excited!!!!

    Like Brittany said above I also have a closet wear unfinished DIYs go to die (Hot DIY Mess). I am currently working on and jewels to the knees of a pair of jeans like Kate did in the Jeans 3 ways video. I have been wanting to do this project since the video came out which was a while ago. I even bought all the supplies and I just started it this weekend. Almost done. I just have to finish the sewing part, which it has been a long time since I have sown anything so it it taking a minute. But I have motivation I am trying to finish them by Friday so I can wear them to work for Casual Friday. Trying Jazz up the workplace one bedazzled outfit at at time!

    And finally Hot Bad Speller Mess. You would be able to tell this if spell check wasn’t a thing. So thanks spell check! You Rock! Don’t Ever Change!