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Mr. Kate


    This question is something I have a definite opinion on, and that is: WHAT IS AGE ANYWAYS? Seriously, most of us don’t look our age anyways, and after a certain point in life it’s such an arbitrary way to judge someone.

    I’m over 30 and still wear chokers, short shorts, rompers, and overalls! I mean, my motto is #whynot?! and I live and dress by that every day.

    If you’re a little hesitant to jump headfirst into the (at times daunting) territory of trends, try isolating one that really appeals to you and find a way to wear it that is still in your comfort zone. Ease yourself in. It may be a jumper with a cardigan today and a thin delicate choker next week, but soon you’ll be accustomed to wearing these items and be rocking them in your own way!

    I hope this helps!

    XOXO, Kate