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      Hey Mr. Kate and little misters (and anyone who wants to get in on this subject!),

      So, I’m 28, and when I was younger I lacked all of the confidence to dress how I actually wanted to dress, so for years I¬†ended up just playing it safe/dressing slightly more conservatively. ¬†Now that I’ve gained more confidence and know who I am more, I feel like I want to take more risks with fashion and do whatever I want, but then I also feel conflicted about whether or not I ‘should’ dress my age? ¬†Does anyone feel the same, or have any advice and/or wisdom? ¬†For example, short shorts (lol). ¬†Cute summer rompers and overalls. ¬†Chokers! ¬†I love this decade for fashion so much, it’s definitely my favorite in terms of trends. ¬†<3 <3 <3 Thanks guys



        Life is short. ¬†Don’t be like me at the age of 60 wishing you had had more fashion fun, sooner.

        First, no one really cares what you wear, as long as it’s not swim fins to a dinner dance or something inappropriate.

        Second, the fashion industry, what’s in style, trends, all that, are merely there to get you to buy things. ¬†When you have bought enough things, styles and trends change so that you will have to buy more things. ¬†Alternatively, you can just become your own style icon.

        And lastly, it’s very true but hard to believe – beauty is actually on the inside.


        Mr. Kate


          This question is something I have a definite opinion on, and that is: WHAT IS AGE ANYWAYS? Seriously, most of us don’t look our age anyways, and after a certain point in life it’s such an arbitrary way to judge someone.

          I’m over 30 and still wear chokers, short shorts, rompers, and overalls! I mean, my motto is #whynot?! and I live and dress by that every day.

          If you’re a little hesitant to jump headfirst into the (at times daunting) territory of trends, try isolating one that really appeals to you and find a way to wear it that is still in your comfort zone. Ease yourself in. It may be a jumper with a cardigan today and a thin delicate choker next week, but soon you’ll be accustomed to wearing these items and be rocking them in your own way!

          I hope this helps!

          XOXO, Kate

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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