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Mr. Kate

    Hey Lauren!!

    Thought I haven’t lived with that color green for the past few years, I really like that color! I see how, with the white and lavender and different wood accents, your room might not have turned out like you want. But!! More than that, I see opportunity!

    The colors (minus the purple bedding) you have lend themselves perfectly to one of my favorite design looks right now — the Jungalow!! See these pictures for reference/ inspiration:


    The great thing about this Jungalow design is that it very much favors the green and different shades of wood that you already have going on. Throw in some textured accent rugs, a cool metallic lamp (maybe this pendant one that we used in the Dorm Decor, 3 Ways video?!) and live plants (my absolute favorite design touch) to make the space fresh and lively!

    As for that bedside table, you can keep it white and add some small succulents, antiqued gold accents, and maybe a DIY Concrete Lamp, or you can take a note from the first picture and paint it the same color as your walls! If you feel like it stands out too much, a touch of monochrome could take care of that, and bring some modernism into the mix.

    I hope all of this helps!!