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Mr. Kate

    Hey there!!

    I know the confusion you’re talking about!! As a blonde, people say we shouldn’t wear yellow, but I love yellow! How do I know which yellows won’t clash with my hair and which ones will make me look like a banana lady!?!

    I heard once, and have found that it is true, that pink looks good on everyone. No matter your skin tone, pink is a universally flattering shade. It’s also very in fashion right now, especially baby pink and dusty rose tones (kind of like the color we painted the office!)

    Black and white are also universally flattering shades that you simply cannot go wrong with!!

    If you’re looking to find new colors that you look good in, it’s all about the experimentation! Go to a clothing store and try on some items in colors you haven’t tried before. There’s no investment, and you could discover your new power color!

    But the most important factor is what you feel best in. If a neon shade of blue makes you feel electric and alive, that is absolutely what you should wear! Fashion rules exist to guide people, but there is no rule that absolutely must be abided by!

    I hope this helps! Have fun finding some new colors to rock!