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Spandana Vajrala

    Hi Phoebe,

    Another Kate’s huge fan here and I would love to hear Kate’s opinion on this, but from my knowledge from Kate’s videos, I think white walls suit this theme since you are looking for a boho inspired theme. Great that you are almost clear about your color palette! So, using them as accent colors carefully, keeping the walls muted with white. That will look much more brighter than filling everything in some color. Looking at the pillow colors, I feel mustard yellow or any yellow shade makes an attractive triad color scheme, especially if you are into bright pops of color. If you like a calm and soothing look, go for a beach theme.

    Overall, I would go for something like white walls, ombre curtains with white and one of your accent colors, a big plant, an accent rug, a white comforter set, sheets, throws and pillows that match your color scheme. And yeah, if your budget permits, use sheepskin, bedside table and lamps for a cozy look! DIY a hoola hoop canopy for that whimsical element! I’m not at all an expert but I learnt this by watching lot of Kate’s videos! 🙂 Let’s wait and see what Kate’s take on this is!