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Jenna Rabel

    Ok so I totally missed the challenge, but thought I would post anyways because I love Halloween!

    This is my fiance’s, John, and my costume from last year, we were going to DIY it, but then found these onsies from Walmart that looked legit, so then I started the hunt for some cheap masks which was actually pretty difficult for an adult size. I also did some Darth Vader inspired make up!

    This costume I’m super proud of, it was completely no-sew and every single item for this was under $10! I also did a “frostbitten” Elsa for a photography project!

    This fireman and Dalmatian costume was like day of last minute two years ago. John could decide what he wanted to be and changed his mind like 5 million times. The only things I bought for this costume were the white shirt, black duck tape, felt for the ears/tail and face paint. We also DIYed John’s costume.

    This one was so funny! This was for our work Halloween a couple years ago, same year as Elsa and the Dalmatian haha. I bought a black wig and some black facepaint so that I could be a black panther and had everything else in my closet. My boss, the zebra, bought a painter’s jumpsuit/smock and we drew all the lines and filled them in over two days at the end of work. My other boss was the wildlife photographer because he doesn’t ever dress up and takes all the pictures, we got him to put leaves a brown shirt.

    This is my Taylor Swift’s bad blood costume where all I did was find the bad blood “movie poster” logo and I personalized it to say my name. Then I printed it and glued it to some card stock and wore it with some red in white thread.


    I could dig up so many more costumes, but I’ll just leave it at this! Every one’s costumes are so great!! I love seeing all the creativity!