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    Jordy Sirkin

      The spooky season is upon us! I’m so excited about this new Little Misters challenge that’s Halloween related. I’ve been DIYing my costumes for a couple years now. Basically since I had the realization that costumes in the store for us ladies are dreadful (for example Kate’s thong viking haha).

      Here is one of my costumes from last year. I love the film Trick ‘r Treat and the character Sam. If you haven’t seen it, you must! He wear a orange onesie with a burlap sack on his head. I made it into a dress using fleece fabric and distressing it with some brown eyeshadow. Made a cute little yellow patch like he has and made a rope belt. Instead of covering my whole head in a sack, I made a neck piece and did my make up the way his face looks underneath. My favorite item was the pumpkin lollipop. It’s iconic for him and super fun to make.

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="339"] shout out to my zombie boyfriend![/caption]



        Omg yaaaaas Jordy!! Your costume is everything šŸ˜

        I have quite a few costumes from over the years, so I’ll start with a classic…. Punk Zombie!!!!

        [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="560"]Zombie Braaaaains!!![/caption]

        This one was super simple. I found a make up tutorial online of a glue and tissue paper method that worked amazingly! I was soooo happy with how it turned out.



          One year I went as Telephone Lady Gaga šŸ’šŸ»

          [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="301"] I take great photos šŸ˜…[/caption]

          I found a tutorial on YouTube on how to make the headpiece. This one took soooo long as all the angular pieces had to be individually folded and glued together. Then there was making the phone piece and painting the whole thing. As well as the tin foil accents. My hot glue gun was my best friend for this DIY!

          I also painted the yellow bits on the wig cos I wasn’t going to spend a huge amount on buying that specific wig when it cost less than $5 for me to make this one šŸ‘šŸ»



            Here are a couple of the little dude’s costumes I’ve done.

            [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="301"] Yarrrrr ā˜ ļø[/caption]

            I drew on the skull shaped piece of felt to make it look a bit more fancy. I also made the lace collar and arm hole things to add to the coat, as well as the belt. I sewed (yikes, that does not look like the way to spell the past tense of sew šŸ˜…) some snap domes on the parrot and the shoulder of the coat so it was detachable.

            This was an easy, last minute costume I did last year. Just bought a plain black tee and some tights and painted the skeleton on šŸ‘šŸ» The little dude was very particular about how he wanted his mask (he wanted it to look spooky but not scary šŸ˜…), and he was so happy with how he looked šŸ˜Š


            Jordy Sirkin

              Oh my goodness those are all too good!! That skeleton mask is adorable. Perfect balance of spookiness.


              Amantha Hons

                Last year I was Wednesday Addams (my spirit animal, tbh). Really easy costume! I found a black and white striped dress with a collar at Forever 21 and wore black tights and boots. I used a cheap Halloween store wig for the hair. I brushed it out with fabric softener to ease the frizz and covered it in hair oil to shine it up. The makeup was a lot of brown shadows, black eyes and super pale lips. I got to sulk around all night and tell people “I’m a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.”


                Rachel Paul

                  I’ve been DIY-ing my Halloween costumes since I was old enough to use a sewing machine – about age 6! My favorite by far was last year’s – my best friend and I went to a Halloween music festival as celestial beings. She was the sun, and I was the moon. I made my headpiece from some adhesive glittered foam. I cut the biggest crescent, then a mirror image of it so I could put them back-to-back and glitter from any angle. Then I added a couple more layers on the front to give it some more dimension and sewed it onto a piece of sequined elastic. It was so fun! We loved our costumes so much that we’re reprising them this year and adding even more glitter!


                  Sun and Moon


                  Rachel Paul

                    And I found another!

                    This was maybe 6 or 7 years ago, a friend and I stayed in on Halloween to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids (and avoid the rain). We didn’t have costumes so we dug through the house and found what we needed for this last-minute makeup. I’m on the right in this one, and I pulled apart a silk flower and used a little dab of eyelash glue to stick the petals to my cheekbones and I think that was the perfect touch! We watched Hocus Pocus and ate popcorn.




                    Jordy Sirkin

                      For my office party, I’m going as the Cheshire Cat. I found this perfect fabric for way less than store bought options. Here is one ear and tail in progress. All the supplies were half the cost of the online options and I’m using my handy dandy hot glue gun for securing everything.

                      My main costume is Emily from Corpse Bride. This was all me and a sewing machine. A huge project that I’ve been working on for a month. Tonight I’ll be dyeing it the shade of blue she has around the edges. That wad of fabric on the left is the skirt. Still a ton of work to do but I’m super excited for how it looks so far.


                      Mr. Kate

                        Ahhhh you guys these are all so good! I’m constantly impressed with all of you Little Misters! I have to do a shoutout to our Breaking Bad costumes and our friends’ Alex and Justin’s Pat (from SNL) costumes. All of them were DIY (I did Joey’s Walter White/Heisenberg beard and bald cap) and I tried to look like Jesse but ended up looking more like a dirty faced 12 year old. And their Pat costumes were jeans and a western shirt stuffed with a pillow and a curly wig and glasses… so good!

                        Then of course, there were last year’s zombie costumes…Ā http://mrkate.com/2015/10/11/omg-halloween-special/Ā – I was cruise ship Zombie (tragically perished while on a Caribbean cruise) and Joey was lawn mower zombie ; )))

                        Love you all! Keep up the posts!!!



                          Jordy, you totally need to post pics of your costumes once they’re done! That fabric for the Cheshire Cat is perfect!!!

                          This is what we are wearing to a family friendly Halloween party this year. I made these costumes for the little dude’s 3rd birthday. This year there will be the addition of a cracked felt egg for our wee Luna šŸ˜…

                          [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="301"] Dino family![/caption]

                          I made all the masks out of cardboard, felt, foam and hot glue šŸ™ŒšŸ»

                          My husband’s costume was the most work with the winged hoodie. The wings were made by chopping up an old umbrella and gluing the fabric to the sleeves and sides.



                          Lindsey Chapman

                            Halloween is my JAM!! These are my costumes from last year… I have three because I had three Halloween events to attend and I OBVIOUSLY wasn’t going to rehear a costume…

                            the one below is my take on Cruella DeVil. I had so much fun with this. I found that awesome vest at a consignment shop which was AMAZING because I knew I wanted to be Cruella but had no clue where to go for a vest. Then, if fate would have it, that glorious black and white fur vest just landed in front of me on the sale rack of a consignment shop… YAY! Such a fun costume, and not too hard to DIY!

                            Cruella DeVil

                            This one was the classic Pinterest deer costume, but I did my own little twist by making my antlers. I made them out of construction paper and hot glue. I made the shape of them with the hot glue to add dimension, then I covered them with construction paper. To add a little bit of GLAM I put some gold wire around the antlers… just for fun-zies!! (yes, fun-zies). I also made the ears out of construction paper. I glued everything onto a plain black headband then covered the headband with sparkly gold tulle to for more **fun-zies.**Deer

                            GUYS THIS COSTUME WAS SERIOUSLY SO FUN TO WEAR!! I was Darla from Finding Nemo… And words can’t explain the amount of times I said, “Why are you sleeping?!!?!?!” that night… And to top it all off, I wore this baby to a frat party (which, as you can imagine, was SUPER out of place because all the other girls were in bras and angle wings, which made it that much funnier)… I DIY’d the headpiece with tinfoil, I made “nemo” out of tinfoil shaped into a fish-like shape, and then covered it in orange reignstones (again, fun-zies), and then put him in a bag filled with water. I also DIY’d my shirt. It was just a plane purple top that I painted the “Rock n’ Roll Girl” logo on that Darla has in the movie. It was honestly such a fun costume to wear!

                            Darla from Finding Nemo



                            Rachel Paul

                              Here’s one last one… I just found this picture of my pup and his costume from last year. His name is Sam, so naturally I made him a “green eggs and Sam” outfit two years ago. Last year, so as to avoid the faux-pas of costume repeating, I added a little felt mask to make him into a TMNP, teenage mutant ninja puppy.




                                <p style=”text-align: left;”>Rachel, your dog is adorable! The green eggs and ham costume is genius!!!</p>
                                <p style=”text-align: left;”>Last year we were all superheroes. So I present to you my pup Molly aka Wonder Woofan šŸ˜…</p>
                                <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>


                                Jenna Rabel

                                  Ok so I totally missed the challenge, but thought I would post anyways because I love Halloween!

                                  This is my fiance’s, John, and my costume from last year, we were going to DIY it, but then found these onsies from Walmart that looked legit, so then I started the hunt for some cheap masks which was actually pretty difficult for an adult size. I also did some Darth Vader inspired make up!

                                  This costume I’m super proud of, it was completely no-sew and every single item for this was under $10! I also did a “frostbitten” Elsa for a photography project!

                                  This fireman and Dalmatian costume was like day of last minute two years ago. John could decide what he wanted to be and changed his mind like 5 million times. The only things I bought for this costume were the white shirt, black duck tape, felt for the ears/tail and face paint. We also DIYed John’s costume.

                                  This one was so funny! This was for our work Halloween a couple years ago, same year as Elsa and the Dalmatian haha. I bought a black wig and some black facepaint so that I could be a black panther and had everything else in my closet. My boss, the zebra, bought a painter’s jumpsuit/smock and we drew all the lines and filled them in over two days at the end of work. My other boss was the wildlife photographer because he doesn’t ever dress up and takes all the pictures, we got him to put leaves a brown shirt.

                                  This is my Taylor Swift’s bad blood costume where all I did was find the bad blood “movie poster” logo and I personalized it to say my name. Then I printed it and glued it to some card stock and wore it with some red in white thread.


                                  I could dig up so many more costumes, but I’ll just leave it at this! Every one’s costumes are so great!! I love seeing all the creativity!

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