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Jen Gutierrez

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="573"]Halloween diy Hook Manson Cruella[/caption]

    Ever since I was little my mom always made all of my costumes. When I found my own creative weirdness she set me free to create. The first one I’ll post is from about 2yrs ago. My sister and I got wind of a few other ladies dressing as certain Disney villains so we decided to surprise them with our own at the party. My sis was Cruella Deville and I was my fave Captain Hook! Most of her stuff we thrifted or she had already. My shirt, leggings, and coat were thrifted. The jacket is actually a bathrobe that I lined with gold duck tape! Added lace and a feather to a typical Halloween store hat, used a cheap Halloween hook hand and made the sword with a long skinny piece of metal and a baby bowl! Just covered it all in duct tape:) and the stuffed croc I borrowed from my son! On a side note, my sisters fiancé was Marilyn Manson…I made his vest and trimmed up a plain long hair wig and made fingerless gloves, he had everything else.