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Stephanie Call

    I think my favorite moment came yesterday. I’ve been sharing lots from the Mr. Kate team with my husband. About the inspiration I get, and the lovely people who work there. Enough so I suppose that yesterday he told me he’s been watching the whole OMG We Bought A House and Office Goals series this past week! He’s been really inspired by the positivity of the team and the fun unique personalities they all have. Watching the series gave him the words to articulate a lot of the things those strong, manly, quiet types don’t quite know how to say. He and I met on a level where we really connected and vibed on our ideas about the future and the way we want to live, and that wonderful experience was brought about by all the wonderful weirdos at Mr. Kate studios just being themselves.

    P.s. He still really enjoys The Click 5 so it’s been really cool seeing Joey in his new job at Mr. Kate 😉