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Mr. Kate

    Hey Hayley!

    Thank you so much for posting and for including all these photos, it helps so much!

    I really like where you’re at with your room now. It’s a cute space with good vibes! Loving the rug you chose, too!

    I’d say to try looking for midcentury items like a low sideboard. These pieces can be found at flea markets and they tend to be low profile and shorter in height. The style would work well with the inspiration images you posted! Since this is a bigger piece, it would be a great place to tuck those power cords behind.

    Bringing in a mirror or two to reflect some areas and the light will help a lot with making the space feel bigger. A hanging plant would also be really cute somewhere where the ceiling angles in to get that bohemian, free spirit vibe. I’m a big fan of pothos plants!

    Good luck! Post pics when you’re done!