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Mr. Kate

    Hey Kayla!

    Thanks for reaching out, glad we could brighten your days! Great floor plan and¬†mood boards!! I’m so impressed!!

    I notice that all of your¬†inspiration photos have white walls, which can be a way to mesh the spaces ‚ÄĒ with all white walls, then bringing colored accents in through pillows, wall art, shelf¬†and table accessories in the¬†living¬†room and kitchen. Even though you think you’re working with two distinct different styles, they’re actually friendly! The clean and bright style complements¬†the more boho vibes. Try working some of the bright colors into the boho space in either accents or in lighter, more washed out tones to create a relationship between the two spaces!

    A good example is the living room of our lovely contributor, Natalie! She created a beautiful, eclectic bohemian space. I especially love her aqua chaise as an example of getting those colors into a boho room. Good luck let us know how it comes out!


    Mr. Kate & Team