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Mr. Kate

    Hey there!

    Thanks for posting!! I love your analogy and believe in your BeautyMark-ness!! When I created the Freckles BeautyMarks, and then the Color Freckles BeautyMarks after them, they were a way of celebrating the natural beauty of freckles. An enhancement for people who already had them or a way to get in on the fun for those who didn’t.

    So, likewise, I think you should really act and dress and live your life as a celebration of who you are. You are clearly creative and thoughtful and unique, and all of those things make you special and shouldn’t be hidden away or compromised. I understand the nervousness that could come from wearing your favorite looks out in public, but this is coming from the girl who has been dressing crazy since I was a kid! If you haven’t read A Hot Glue Gun Mess, I think a few of the stories in there could be helpful for you to embrace your own way of dressing. (Not to mention DIYs to make even more cute looks!)

    My parting advice to you is that you are already a BeautyMark!! Don’t dress for other people, or spend too much time thinking about what they perceive you as. You don’t judge them for not wearing stickers on their face or fun hair accessories, so why should you let these people who are prone to expressing themselves differently impact how you show your shine? You’ll have more fun being who you want to be, and everyone will notice that!!

    Have fun with your style!


    Mr. Kate & Team