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Wency Depaz

    Hello Everyone!
    I recently moved into a new house with my parents and the most exciting part is getting to decorate my room again! This is letting me get creative and have fun doing DIYs. My room is not the big so that’s the only downfall. Thanks to Mr. Kate I got the idea of doing an inspo board before I buy and put everything together. It makes decorating so much easier. I’ve also been thrifting more often than I ever did which I’m proud of because it’s so nice to see an item come back to life and change the whole vibe even with just something as simple as spray painting it. I’ve also learned not to be scared of mix matching and playing with colors. It’s great to try something outside of the box! Juxtaposing can definitely look cool 😉 [didnt even know what that meant until Mr. Kate! Craaazy] I’m so excited for the outcome of my new room. Hopefully I can share photos with you all when it’s done!