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    Mr. Kate

      Hey lovely creative weirdos!!

      We’re a few months into 2017 and I want to know what this year has brought for you in terms of inspiration! Show me what you’ve been working on, what you want to do, or just what has been getting your creative gears grinding!

      Let’s bask in each others grand ideas!




      Megan Booth

        There is SOOO much creativity happening in my life right now!!! My mum just retired so we’re going to be redoing her WHOLE house (as soon as I get back from Japan in August). I’ve been pinning and planning every single room. As well as that I’ve had sudden bursts of inspiration in my two main creative fields. I just started my second symphony and also and planning my second novel so I’m excited to show everyone my progress as I power through all of my projects!

        I’m also a photographer and I rediscovered my love of drawing and painting at the start of 2017, so I’ll hopefully be brave enough to show everyone what I’ve been up to soon 🙂


        Wency Depaz

          Hello Everyone!
          I recently moved into a new house with my parents and the most exciting part is getting to decorate my room again! This is letting me get creative and have fun doing DIYs. My room is not the big so that’s the only downfall. Thanks to Mr. Kate I got the idea of doing an inspo board before I buy and put everything together. It makes decorating so much easier. I’ve also been thrifting more often than I ever did which I’m proud of because it’s so nice to see an item come back to life and change the whole vibe even with just something as simple as spray painting it. I’ve also learned not to be scared of mix matching and playing with colors. It’s great to try something outside of the box! Juxtaposing can definitely look cool 😉 [didnt even know what that meant until Mr. Kate! Craaazy] I’m so excited for the outcome of my new room. Hopefully I can share photos with you all when it’s done!


          Diana Welch

            I’m also planning to decorate my room. I just felt that I need to change the ambiance to make it more relaxing and homely. I would like to use wallpapers. I saw some good designs that are nature-inspired 🙂


            Wilda Rodriguez

              I’m so in to renovating with a low budget all the rooms of my house. And you’ve inspired me with all your works. It has helped me in a way that you can achieve a lovely, cozy and elegant space with a small budget. So this is my renovated living room. And my thank you  note. You’re awesome. Sending you a warm hug from Puerto Rico. Wall decor

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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