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Mr. Kate

    Hey Matt!

    Thanks for posting!! I, for one, think your sense of style sounds amazing.

    It can be difficult to dress true to your own creative weirdo personality and then trust the world to accept that and not be confused or critical at the lack of conformity. I wish there was a simple way that it is easy, but it’s a matter of time, practice blocking out the questioners, and confidence. You are dressing to make yourself happy, and to express your personality. That is a decision each person makes every day, and no one can tell you that you should dress to make them happy — it’s all about you.

    Be stubborn, be inspired, and be yourself. The world needs people who are being, and dressing, and living authentically. Your “out of the box” looks could be the spark that inspires another person questioning if they can be bolder with their style to take that step. Different is scary to those who don’t understand it, but it’s beautiful to everyone who does.

    Hoping you keep on slaying your style game —


    Mr. Kate & Team