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Mr. Kate

    Hey Maia!

    Thanks for posting! Congrats on your new room! So exciting! With that color palette, I would say to take inspiration from the living room we did for Cloe, where we played with the full range of the white/ gray/ silver palette. You can definitely pull in metallic pieces, like a cool silver nightstand or silver-finished headboard, but I would also say to not shy away from black. Some pieces of furniture will just be easier to find in black (especially if you’re looking for more affordable pieces a la Ikea) or in a wood tone, and I think the warmth of wood tones could mess with your cool toned color scheme. A little black here and there can also help ground the design, and won’t look too overpowering if you keep the majority white, grey, and silver.

    Hope this helps!


    Mr. Kate & Team