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    Maia Totah

      Hi Mr. Kate!! My parents just let me get my own room so I just moved into the guest room. My main colors are white, silver, and grey. Any advice for furniture??


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Maia!

        Thanks for posting! Congrats on your new room! So exciting! With that color palette, I would say to take inspiration from the living room we did for Cloe, where we played with the full range of the white/ gray/ silver palette. You can definitely pull in metallic pieces, like a cool silver nightstand or silver-finished headboard, but I would also say to not shy away from black. Some pieces of furniture will just be easier to find in black (especially if you’re looking for more affordable pieces a la Ikea) or in a wood tone, and I think the warmth of wood tones could mess with your cool toned color scheme. A little black here and there can also help ground the design, and won’t look too overpowering if you keep the majority white, grey, and silver.

        Hope this helps!


        Mr. Kate & Team

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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