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    Barbara Parsons

      Heyyyy Little Misters, I hope you are all having a fabulous week thus far and if you aren’t I sincerely hope you’ll find yourself surrounded by great friends and endless bottles of wine this weekend.

      So this past week I took kinda a big step in regards to my career/job/life/whatevaz. for the next month I’m living in my own temporary apartment outside of Boston for my first big internship as a Marketing Intern…. Whatttt???? I’m fairly young, you know, 20 isn’t considered old but still not a child. So for me, this is kinda a big deal because I have to get my own food, work all day 5 days a week, and basically be even more independent and responsible than I was in college. Plus, I’m not digging this whole 9 to 5 work grind bull shit.

      Now some of you are probably like, “Yep, welcome to the real world!” And honestly, yes, I shouldn’t be complaining and yes I am very fortunate and thankful for the opportunity I have. But yesterday it hit me: this will most likely be my work day when I graduate, this will be my life and I’m only getting a small taste of it. Before I started my internship I wasn’t too worried about it, but now only after one week, I’m actually nervous. Being an adult and on my own isn’t what I thought it would be. I thought I’d personally be more comfortable being independent and away from home, family and friends, but it’s kinda lonely.

      I guess my point of this rant is when did you guys ever come to this same realization as I did? When did you all realize, “Damn, this is what it’s like. I’m grown. This is what school has prepared me for all this time, but am I even ready?”

      And I don’t feel too discouraged; I’d say I’m a pretty ambitious person and really do want to be an adult, but I can’t help but want to curl up into bed with a stuffed animal, watching some old tv shows, and ordering a large pizza for myself.

      I love life, I love where I’m headed, and I’m determined to get there. But I’m realizing transitioning into adulthood is pretty rough. And when I finally figure everything out, even if it takes like 30 years, I know it’s okay to feel like a scared kid. I mean, aren’t we all?



      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="962"]Here I am on my first day as an intern/adulting Here I am on my first day as an intern/adulting[/caption]



        OMG yes to all of this!!! Adulting suuuuucks! You finally feel like you’re getting somewhere/finding yourself by the end of high school and then all of a sudden you’re released into the world expected to start adulting around the place and get a job and start contributing to society. Like seriously, what the actual f**k??!

        And then you may decide (or not, that’s fine) to have kids. Then the adulting levels go through the roof! My husband and I have just realised this by making the decision to move houses just so we can get into the school zone for our second pick school for Tui, if we don’t get into the first one. Seriously, what is life????? We were just cracking up that we’re sitting here making these full on life decisions, and yet so often we can’t even decide what to have for dinner so we just make berry smoothies 😛

        It sounds like things are going amazingly at your internship and you looked boss as on your first day… Go you!!


        Barbara Parsons

          Lol yassss Grace! But it looks like you’re an awesome mommy and killin it regardless!!

          And thank you so much! I felt all professional in my outfit haha! 🙂


          Denise Olivares

            I can’t even explain how fast I clicked on this post! I feel this so much! Growing up is so sudden and I’ve found that it doesn’t happen the way we might have expected it to when we were kids. There are so many moments in my experience where I’ve felt like I was a newborn baby and others when I felt like a wise old woman. I’ve gone from student to adult with a 9-5 job and responsibilities back to a student and the greatest thing I’ve learned is perspective. Fortunately, we don’t have set goals of what makes us all “official” adults, we always have a chance to learn and grown and even though that’s super scary and intimidating – it’s also one of the best parts. You’ll find your footing soon enough 🙂

            I’m super excited for you Barbara! Just like Grace said, you looked amazing on your first day and I bet you’re kicking ass and taking names. You got this!

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