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    Dana Bobadilla

      Bedroom mood board

      Hi Mr. Kate! I would like advise on my mood board. I want to redo my bedroom completely and just want your opinion on what I have so far. Thank you! 


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Dana,

        Thanks for posting! I love the direction of your moodboard! So chic, feminine, and clean!! It reminds me a lot of Joslyn Davis’ studio, and also Manny MUA’s makeup room! (Especially with the pale pinks and whites with metallic accents!) I would say to try painting some of the furniture you have white, instead of buying all new furniture, to save some funds! These pieces all have pretty stark and clean shapes, but a vintage or currently-owned piece with a fresh coat of white paint could work just as well, and bring in some structural interest!

        Also, if your walls aren’t white, I would really recommend a white wall with this design style! If you have a mirrored wall or closet, I would recommend using the room divider-as-curtain trick we did in Eva’s room to keep the aesthetic as breezy and uninterrupted as possible.

        Good luck with your room and keep us updated on how it comes out!


        Mr. Kate & Team

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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