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      Hi Mr. Kate,

      First up: Thanks for being such an inspiration. Thanks to you I’m taking on a lot of DIY projects for our new apartment.

      So, we got this gorgeous antique solid oak wash stand with a marble top from my husbands great-grandfather and I love it – except for the tiles that simply don’t fit my color palatte (mostly white and grey with a rustic brick-red wardrobe). We want to put it in our bedroom by the way, not in a bathroom.

      Any ideas on what to do with it?



      Diana Welch

        I love antique-inspired decorations. Everything is getting modernized now, but I would still prefer to use antique designs because it somehow generates good vibes.
        I would suggest mixing antique style and period if you’re still unsure on what design to follow.


        Mr. Kate


          Thanks for posting! That’s such a unique piece!

          I can see how the tiles are a little bit of a color mismatch with the design style you mentioned. First option — can they be removed? If there is a way to remove the tiles from the stand, you could easily install new ones that fit your color palette.

          If not, I would see if there is contact paper or even specifically tile-shaped contact paper that you could cover each tile with. This plan is contingent on the tiles being smooth and not textured, which is a little hard to tell from the picture!

          The third option is always to just paint them, though I would try one of the first two approaches first! No matter what you do, if you decorate the stand in front of the tile with a nice plant or some art, not too much notice will go to the tiles behind!

          Hope this helps!

          Mr. Kate & Team

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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