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    Gabriella Woolfolk

      Mr Kate! I need your help!!!! I actually have a very similar headboard like Meghan’s but mine is more beige-yellowy I dont know how to describe it and has like ”diamonds” instead of buttons.. the furniture around including the closet and the room door is a very dark chocolate brown color with silver pulls. I have my back wall painted white but I feel like I need a pop of color in the wall and maybe in the bed with some pillows or something… I really dont know wich color would look good with my headboard and furnitute.. and colour scheme for a new bedding and pillows that would look good…  Right now my room is a white canvas… Any suggestions???

      Headboard detail

      More details: I have a 3.30m x 3.80m room with a big window in a 3.30m wall and a double door closet and the door in the other 3.30 wall. I have a queen size bed with a dark chocolate brown base, 2 matching night stands and a drawer, a headboard and a crystal desk with silver details.

      About me: I’m a very busy student of architecture, I like clean and put together spaces that looks mature and fun at the same time…

      I would reallyyyy apreciatte your help!


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Gabriella!

        Thanks for posting!

        To me, it definitely looks like you need a nice piece of glamorous art above the bed. I would also get a neutral bedspread and pillows — sets are always a good option! Find a matching set you like to give your bed a sophisticated look.

        Adding a lamp on the bedside table with a cute colorful lampshade could also be a great touch!

        Make sure to post more pics of the room when you’re done!




        owen robertsons

          Do you have plan or even considering transforming your bedroom or perhaps your house in general into a contemporary designs? In this case you most likely to use a combination of 2 colors only, like black and white. In your room, as you mention, that bedding upholstery also work for a black and white paint of the room which will give your room more lively, just limit to the best 2 colors to much define the contemporary look. Try to check this store at, they have various interior design tips that can help you.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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