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    Mya Clackworthy

      Hiyaaa Mr Kate!!! First things first I’m OBSESSED with your channel; you have me SHOOK 24/7.. Anyway to the point, I am thinking of turning my bedroom into a beauty room/ bedroom but my rooms just so awkward. It doesn’t have enough day light and its quite small and narrow.. HELP ME DEAR GODDESS OF DESIGN?!?!?


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Mya!!

        I love the idea of a bedroom/ beauty room!! Beyond!! I see your struggle in a room without natural light … but luckily, that is a super simple thing to fix!!

        Get creative with hanging lights, maybe some light cord kits? (This one or this one are cute!) Then create yourself a traditional vanity set up with a desk, and vanity light mirror, so you have light coming from different angles! A good way to style would be with a pendant light hanging from the ceiling on either side of the mirror, getting balance and symmetry in there, too!

        If you don’t want to or can’t hang lights, sconces will work, too! Think like the ones we installed for Joslyn’s place!!

        Hope this helps!!

        Go slay, girl!!




        Melissa Leigh


          [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="340"] Sorry, I can’t really find shots without her in them.[/caption]

          You should check out Kelsey Simone on YouTube if you haven’t already. She has an attic room that is seriously goals. It’s also narrow and without much natural light but it’s stunning! Good luck!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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