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    Oana Cristina

      Hello, people!

      I am quite passionate about DIY & crafts and I was wondering if you have something like the ultimate list of items that each DIYer should have. I dunno like a hot glue gun, cutting mat & so on.

      I really don’t get along with my hot glue gun, because is drips no matter where and how I put is and the glue gets dry way too fast and sometimes after a while the things that I have glued with it will fall off…

      I know that it depends a lot on what kind of crafting you are making, but what are you’re let’s say 5 must have items for DIYs? Here are some of my favourites:

      • cutting mat;
      • sharp utility knife;
      • cutter;
      • all purpose adhesive;
      • PVA/crafting glue.

      Mr. Kate

        Hi Oana!

        Great question! I did a post on a DIY Starter Kit a year or so ago with a list of essentials that I like to have on hand to tackle a variety of projects! So check that out to get some ideas for what to add to your kit along with the stuff you listed above.

        As for a drippy glue gun, you can see if there’s an option to use it on Low or High setting because sometimes the high setting heats it up so hot it gets drippy. If not, I usually just use a scrap of cardboard to rest the glue gun on flat so it protects the surface I’m working on from glue and heat. You can also use an old piece of tile!

        Hope that helps!


        – mr. kate

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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