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    Sabrina Pritchard

    Old table thats looking for new legs 🙂

    Hi Mr Kate,

    I have this hammy down table from my parents and I love the top of the table but i hate the legs. I want to remove them and replace with something different, however i don’t no what would look good with it. Any suggestions? Please 🙂 would love you input. Also exclude the chairs as well getting new ones

    Xo Creative Weirdo Sabrina P


    Mr. Kate

    Hey Sabrina!

    Thanks for posting!

    Honestly, I don’t really mind the legs!! I think you can put a cute area rug underneath and something on the wall above the table and the legs won’t be as big of a deal to you.

    If you still aren’t loving their shiny look, you can try sanding the legs with a fine grit sandpaper so they’re more of a brushed metal. This would make them look more modern! We used this sanding technique in the DIY Phases of the Moon Pendant, for a visual reference!

    Hope this helps! Good luck!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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