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    Jenny Strompf

      Hi Mr. Kate,

      So I can only imagine how busy you are but I would really appreciate if you could help me 🙂 So I put up 4 pictures of my room and it’s a big room! I get pretty crafty but my desks always look like a mess (picture on the left). I was thinking of maybe selling the top part of the desk or trying to figure out how to make it look less messy. Also I hang my necklaces where the bottom part is.

      I wanted my room to be Chic and subtly Moroccan. The middle picture I made a Moroccan wedding blanket since buying one is pretty expensive. I didn’t have a chance to change the pillows to white! My mom insisted on the shelves…I wanted your opinion on that.

      The picture of my bed and the one with the TV really just show what my room looks like. I don’t think I realized how bold my walls would be. I do like them but it shows me how much “junk” I have.

      Desk and craft/ sewing area   <–The little white dresser is kind of a vanity.

      The pictures below are inspiration pictures. The one on the left for my wall and door colors and the one on the right for the subtle moroccan vibe. I have more pictures but I hope these get the idea across.

      Thanks so much for everything, I watch all you videos on YouTube and I follow you on social media. You really are such an amazing person and an inspiration to me!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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