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      Hi Mr. Kate! I have like no sense of design other than watching your videos for the past year (which I obsess over), and I’ve been trying to redo my room also for the past year. I just got this headboard and the desk and chair and idk what to do!! Please just any help or tips or direction for this room!! I Pinterest and Pinterest but it’s so hard!! From anyone! I’m lost ):




        For some tips and tricks, you can check out Mr. Kate’s Ultimate Dorm Room Design 3 ways!!!! Here’s the link below!

        I hope this helps and gives you some tips and tricks to glam-ify your room!!!!!

        -Kaeli šŸ˜Š


        Mr. Kate


          Thanks for posting! Kaeli is right, I think that Dorm Decor video could be really helpful for you ā€” at least to give you ideas of things you like and would want to implement into the space!

          From what I can see in the picture, your room already is put together with main (and cute!) pieces, and is organized, which is great! What you should focus on now are the smaller accessories and accents that will bring personality and pull the whole thing together! Some throw pillows for the bed and some art on the walls would go a long way!

          Also I can’t tell from the picture if you have a side table next to your bed, but if you don’t, I would grab one and set up a cute thrifted or vintage lamp on it!

          Hope this helps! Have fun decorating!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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