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    Jessica Watts

      Hi Mr. Kate!

      I love your channel! So I’m moving out of my rental in a few months and I am creating a board of some of the items I have and some items I want, to give me a living room look i would like. I really like a geometric style, colorful style, and mixed metals. I’ll insert my board. It’s no going in the direction I would like and I would love suggestions on how to spruce up the colors more and make it less blue dominent! Thanks!     P.S. I have a layered rug now with the natural fiber rug underneath a red rug but I didn’t know if I should switch that out with a white rug. Thats why both are on there.



      Mr. Kate

        Hi Jessica,

        Thanks for posting! I think the solution to make the room more colorful/ less blue is a simple one: different chairs! Those chairs are dark, so they’re not bringing a ton of that colorful aesthetic into the space anyways, and if you’re feeling like the design is blue dominant, switch them for a chair in a color you’re more drawn to! A burgundy, pastel pink, or green could be interesting!

        I would also suggest that since you’re going very neutral with the decor, another way to bring color into the space is to paint one of/ all of the walls! I would lean towards something pastel or not too dominant, but get some samples when you get into the space and see what calls out to you!

        As far as the rugs, I think you should decide first what other colors you want to have a stronger presence in the room. If they are hues that will not compete with the warm tones in the red rug, go for that one! If they are, the black and white is a much more “plays well with every color” option.

        Hope this helps! Best of luck!


        Mr. Kate

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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