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    kate riddle

      Hi, I’m from Scarborough. My son’s tooth got chipped off during his rugby practise. He tripped over the ball and got few stitches on lips too. Now the injury is healed but he is concerned about the broken tooth. It’s the front tooth and it’s a new one. He is reluctant to go to school and face his peers. Since the broken tooth has a broken edge, it’s causing difficulty in speaking. His tongue is affected by this. I know this tooth wont grow back if removed. I took him to a nearby dentistry for kids and they suggested that eating soft food will be better. Since there is no other issue than aesthetics, they suggested to do a cosmetic surgery. What are the other options to fix his teeth other than cosmetic procedures? My son is only 12. Is it okay for him to undergo a cosmetic dental procedure?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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