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      I have walnut shelving in my bedroom for storage (see attached picture)shelving picture 1

      As a teacher I have so much paperwork that needs organising but I literally have no interior design intelligence and was wondering, what colours would suit dark walnut wood in terms of storage boxes, box files etc? and how I could organise this paper?

      I would really appreciate some advice as I’m lost when it comes to colour palettes and organisation, I can barely decide what colour eye shadows to put together.

      Thank you, Seema from the UK.



        Hi seema!

        I have no interior design experience but what if you do dark or warm brown woven baskets in each shelf and file all your stuff in the same color folders and binders of they’re still visible! Just a simple label and good organization could still help you find what you need. Then accessorize with gold accents! Like maybe on a shelf put a small gold trinket or a picture frame!


        Mr. Kate

          Hi Seema!

          Thanks for posting! Charlotte, you have great instincts to go with monochromatic organization — I completely agree!

          What I would do first is take everything off the shelves and go through it. Get rid of what you don’t need, because I’m sure you don’t need every thing on there! Once you’ve decluttered and gone through everything, it will be easier to see the themes that you can organize things by.

          The white paper boxes we used in Daisy’s Lair in the office are great for organization. They come in smaller and larger sizes and can be labeled, which is so helpful! I would recommend using a mix of those, and maybe some magazine holders for papers depending on your needs, to get the majority of things organized and away!

          Then you can have a little fun with some decorative accents or more fun organizational items! Check out the desk we set up for Eman for inspiration on how to bring some beautiful items in for storage!

          Best of luck!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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