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    Hridaya shah

      Hi Mr.Kate, so the walls in my living rooms are really bold with mainly purple and bubblegum pink and a very slight hint of yellow (it really is not as crazy as it sounds), and i was wondering what kind of a color palette i should follow to compliment those colours. i have put some plants after getting inspired by your videos but am not sure about the kind of furniture or decorative pieces that would compliment these bold colours.

      thank you


      Mr. Kate


        It sounds like you already have a lot of colors established. I would pick the favorite of the colors already present and play with tones (for example pale pink, or lavender) in accents around the room!

        Although CloeCouture’s living room is all gray, it’s a great (hehe) example of how you can pick one color and play up different shades of it so it looks balanced. We have light gray, white, silver, charcoal … the full gamut!

        Hope this helps!




      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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